CAS標章 是台灣優良農產品標章(Certified Agricultural Standards)的簡稱,為國產農產品及其加工品最高品質的代表標章。


CAS標章內含Certified Agricultural Standards之英文縮寫CAS及產品驗證編號共6碼:前2碼為產品類別,中間2碼為同類別之生產工廠編號,末2碼為產品序號。




The Meaning and Purpose of CAS

CAS is the acronym of Certified Agricultural Standards. The Council of Agriculture of the Executive Yuan, ROC initiated the CAS system in 1989, with the aim to upgrade the quality of agricultural produce and their processed products. This system also ensures the common interests of the producers, retailers and consumers.

The product verification number has a total of 6 codes: the first 2 codes are the product category, the middle 2 codes are the production plant number of the same category, and the last 2 codes are the product serial number.

Characteristics of CAS Premium agriculture Foods

1. Quality and composites specification must come up to CNS standards.

2. Sanitation and safety must be in accordance with the Law Governing Food Sanitation, ROC.

3. The package must be secure and airtight, with the content accurately stated.

4. Domestically produced raw materials are used, and the products furnish with local characteristics.

To ensure the above-mentioned four characteristics of CAS foods, experts at relevant administrative organizations have worked hard all the year round to supervise the CAS factories on their facilities, ingredients, production management, hygiene and quality assurance of the products routinely. Frequent inspections are also made at the distribution channels so that the safety and health of consumers can be safeguarded.

What benefits do consumers have by purchasing CAS high quality foods!

1. The products use proper ingredients and have airtight packaging, together with clear labeling to provide consumers with complete information. If the products purchased are unsatisfactory, the consumers can also express their opinions and complaints through proper channel, so that their rights can be protected properly.

2. The sanitary and safety of the food are totally guaranteed. All meat products are examined by veterinarians. The consumers will never have the chance to buy the meat products made from diseased hogs or any raw material contains illegal chemical residues.

3. The ingredients are clearly shown on package. CAS high quality foods currently provide nutrients, calories and ingredients information, so that the consumers can enjoy them much better.